Angel’s Salmon Sashimi Treats for Cats

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Angel’s Salmon Sashimi Treats for Cats

Delicate, light and irresistible, Angel’s Salmon Sashimi Treats are made from 100 % Wild Alaskan Salmon. Freeze-dried for freshness, these all natural gourmet treats are free from artificial additives making them “Holistic” and “All Natural”. Rich in Omega-3 and power packed with protein, this is one guilt-free treat your dog can indulge in.

Crude Protein: 80% min. Crude Fat: 5% min. Crude Fibre: 1% max. Moisture: 3% max 

Wild Alaskan Salmon. Also may contain natural antioxidants like vitamin E, ascorbic acid, natural flavors & citric acid 

Give 5 to 15 treats a day 

Add a handful of treats to your cats’ regular diet to enhance taste and to boost daily omega-3 intake. 

As Angel’s Salmon Sashimi Treats are all natural and do not contain artificial preservatives, please consume within 10 days from opening. DO NOT refrigerate but use the zip-lock bag to seal the bag and store in a cool, dry place.

Comes in 17g (over 55 treats)

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