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Biopet Glucosamin

Dogs like to be active. This is their natural state. But most dogs become increasingly stiff with age. And they often become lazier and less playful.
In many cases this stiffness creeps up on them. The first signs might be your dog finding it more difficult to get up, disliking jumping in and out of the car, reluctant to use stairs.
Or you might notice your dog is no longer as energetic or as happy as before.
This is often an entirely natural process and a sign of natural aging, but when mobility is reduced so much as to be a problem, a daily dose of Biopet Glucosamin can prove very valuable.
Glucosamine is a natural building stone with the formation of new cartilage and an element normally present in the body.
Biopet Glucosamin is a Swedish manufactured feed additive of the highest quality that can help your dog retain its lust for life, natural mobility and activity level longer.
Especially suitable for large and/or very active dogs and dogs and cats getting on in years.

What is Glucosamine?

Cartilage in and around the body joints is constantly wearing out and being renewed.
Glucosamine is a natural body element substance formed from glucose (a kind of sugar).
Glucosamine is essential to the body being able to form larger molecules present in joint fluids and cartilage and in helping the body to renew joint cartilage, bone, muscles, ligaments and sinews. Glucosamine is normally formed naturally in the body, bit in instances of stress, monotonous work or increase age a daily dose can prove very valuable.

Glucosamine is a natural building stone in the dog’s body

Glucosamine is a kind of converted sugar molecule that is manufactured by the body’s own cells.
The body develops glucosamine by combining a type of sugar (glucose) with nitrogen (amine).
Biopet Glucosamine is based only on components of the highest quality.
Biopet Glucosamin is made in Sweden by a GMP certified manufacturer.
Additionally, Biopet Glucosamin contains manganese and metionine. Manganese is a trace element needed to make better use of the glucosamine additive.
The unique combination of raw materials in Biopet Glucosamin provides high bio-accessibility, in other words very high assimilation.
Biopet Glucosamin is a safe, effective and very reasonably priced product.

Glucosamine can be valuable when your dog or cat:

– Is reluctant to jump, play or walk up stairs

– Goes slowly when you go out for a walk

– Sits and gets up slowly and carefully

– Seems cumbersome or clumsy
– Begins to avoid or does not like to be touched


– Raw materials of pharmaceutical quality

– Produced in Sweden by a GMP certified manufacturer

– Unique combination of raw materials providing high assimilation.

Nutrition information: Glucosamine is an amino sugar obtained from seafood. This is naturally present in the body. Glucose amino sulphate – 2KCI (a glucose amino sulphate molecule with 2 potassium chloride molecules attached)

Additive per kg:
Glucosamine 2KC1 467, inulin 435 g, DL-methionine 70 g, calcium ascorbate (vitamin C) 20 g, manganese sulphate 8 g.

Glucosamine has not been tested on pregnant or bitches breast-.feeding their young. Consequently we recommend refraining from administering glucosamine during this period.

Contents: glucosamine sulphate, inulin, DL-methionine, calcium ascorbate, manganese sulphate.

Analysis guarantee: Raw protein 17.9%, raw fat 0.1%, ash 15.9%, vegetable fibre 0.2%, water 2.1%, carbohydrates (NFE) 63.8%.

Storage: Dry, rooms temperature and inaccessible to children. Opened packs should be used within 12 months. Manufactured in Sweden according to international pharmaceutical standard (GMP).

For a more active and athletic dog life

Natural well-being

High assimilation

Swedish manufactured of highest quality

Recommended by veterinary surgeons .

Mix with food once per day
Dosing measure = 1 ml included in pack

Dogs & cats <10 kg – 2 dosage measures

 – Enough for approx. 4 months (250g) / 12 months (750g)

Dogs 10-25 kg – 3 dosage measures

– Enough for approx. 3 months (250g) / 9 months (750g)

Dogs > 25 kg – 4 dosage measures

– Enough for approx. 2 months (250g) / 6 months (750g)

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