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Biopet Stomax

Good health begins in the stomach.
This is where the body obtains nutrition and energy from food.
The stomach and intestines are extremely sensitive and easy to unbalance – and if the stomach fails to function as it should, neither does the rest of the body.
Stomax is a dietary food additive that fosters good digestion in dogs and cats.
It can be administered either as an intensive cure for temporary problems or as long-term treatment (during problematical periods) to support the stomach function in sensitive individuals.
Stomax is also suitable for use when changing foods, during antibiotic treatment or during periods when your dog or cat is subjected to extra stress.

When the stomach is unwell

All of us know how it feels.
Your stomach is unsettled and your whole life is affected negatively. The same applies to dogs and cats. In most cases the syndrome is harmless and easy to put right.
Your dog or cat might have eaten something unsuitable, or have an infection, be undergoing antibiotic treatment, suffering from stress during training/competition/travel or some other change from day-to-day routine.
A change of feed could cause this, or you might have given your cat or dog something to eat to which it is unaccustomed.
Just like humans, animals are different individuals prone to differing degrees of sensitivity.
Some dogs and cats have what we humans call an iron stomach and seem to manage changes without any trouble at all.
Others are more sensitive and their stomachs can react violently to even small differences.
These animals often benefit from a little help and support for their stomachs during problematic periods.

When can Stomax be useful?

Does your dog or cat have bad breath? Pass wind more often than usual? Are defecations loose or hard? Is the coat dull? Is there loss of appetite, tiredness or listlessness?
Any of these symptoms might mean the stomach is not functioning as it should.
Stomax acts entirely naturally and helps you dog or cat to maintain a good balance in stomach and intestines.
Stomax often provides a very good result within one or two days. However, Stomax is not a miracle cure and should not be regarded as an alternative to veterinary care.
If your dog or cat is seriously ill, vomits blood, if there is blood in the defecation, if there are stomach pains or if the stomach does not improve within a reasonable time you should always consult a veterinary surgeon.

Works in three different ways – simultaneously!

Many stomach trouble causes can be found in an imbalance in the intestinal flora of your dog or cat.
The active elements in Stomax are prebiotic.
This means they assist the growth of beneficial bacteria in the large intestine.
In this way an optimal balance in stomach and intestines is obtained. This in turn strengthens the natural defences of the body.
Stomax helps with several different stomach problems in dogs and cats.
Compared with other food additives, Stomax is a good alternative because it has a triple action effect.

1. Normalises defecation

Stomax contains healthy fibre that is important to the digestion.
When your dog or cat eats sufficient fibre, intestinal movements are made more efficient and it becomes easier for the intestines to transport waste products out of the body.
This is particularly important if the stomach is a little hard and motions are difficult.
At the same time, these fibres are effective when defecation is looser than normal, because they absorb any excess liquid in the intestines.

2. Stimulates beneficial bacteria and micro-organisms

Stomax contains the effective and well-documented prebiotic inulin/oligofructose that contributes to more efficient use of minerals and nutrients from the daily food intake.
Inulin/oligofructose has a broad spectrum effect.
This means that it is beneficial to a large area of the intestines. Moreover, Stomax contains yeast fibre that functions as a nutritive additive for the important benign organisms that live in the large intestine where nutrition is obtained from food.
The yeast fibres also stimulate the intestines muscular action, otherwise called peristalsis.

3.Protects and supports

Lecithin is a natural fatty acid that is important to digestion.
In Stomax lecithin has two important functions.
One, it binds up water and the nutritious fibres forming a jelly that protects the sensitive membrane in the stomach and intestines.
Two, it is important for the optimum function of the pancreas, something that is essential for both the digestion and the metabolism.
When your dog or cat receives a dose of Stomax, the amino acid lysine is released in the intestine.
Lysine strengthens the digestive process and helps the natural immune system to remain strong and effective.
Stomax is additionally enriched with B vitamins for strength and stamina.


Composition: Fibre from potato cell walls, killed yeast, lecitine, inulin/oligofructose, vitamin and amino acid premix.
Nutritive additives/kg: Metionine 12.4 g, white. B1 1200 mg, white. B6 400 mg, folic acid 100 mg white B12 34 mg.


0.5 dose measure mixed with water and then with food.

Small: 0.5 dose measure mixed with water and then with food.
Medium: 1 dose measure mixed with water and then with food.
Large: 1.5 dose measures mixed with water and then with food.
Administered twice a day for a period of 3 to 12 weeks.

1 dose measure = 10 ml = 3 g.

-Counteracts several kinds of stomach problem

-Easy to administer and does not affect appetite

-Easy to dose – dosage measure included

-For all dogs and cats

-High water absorbing ability (important to normalisation of loose faeces)

-Contains prebiotic, metabolic roughage for better nutrient assimilation and mineral absorption

-Contributes to beneficial intestinal flora

Important facts about Stomax

Stomax is based on a broad fibre complex and lecithin.
Stomax stimulates effective digestion.
Lecithin is a phospholipid extracted from GMO-free soya and which strengthens the protective effect of the stomach lining.
Fibres (PV70) are carefully selected for their unique and beneficial properties.
They have been extracted from potatoes and have an extremely high water holding ability (important with abnormally loose faeces) and a high proportion of galactose and cellulose.
I kilogram of Stomax is equal to the fibre provided by 50 kg of potatoes!
Stomax contains a unique yeast culture that provides nutrients to the micro-organisms in the blind gut and the large intestine.
This helps to strengthen the natural flora essential to normal stomach and intestinal functions.
A balanced micro flora enables the dog to make good use of the nutrition obtained from food.
Prebiotica (inuline/oligofructose) works together with the intestinal flora yeast culture and contributes to optimum balance.
Stomax is enriched with the important B vitamins and the amino acid, metionine.

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