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All Pet Purrfection Inc. – Digestive Blend – 75gm

Unlike many pharmaceuticals, All Pet Purrfection’s supplements are formulated with high quality natural extracts designed to maximise efficacy and minimise side effects often associated with today’s chemical supplementation.

The growing recognition of both preventive and therapeutic values of natural dietary ingredients in family medicine is now available in veterinary medicine. Many pet health conditions, particularly those associated with aging, injury or disease, can often be greatly improved and optimal health may be achieved with a properly supplemented diet.

All our ingredients are purchased from reputable source. We mix, encapsulate and bottle these formulae in our own facility under very strict food safety and quality regulations. We also have the final product tested at an independent laboratory for active ingredients prior to shipment to our Clients.

As with humans, some pets simply can’t get all of the nutrients that they require from their food.  These animals very often suffer from a wide variety of physiological and behavioral disorders due to a deficiency in one or more vital nutrients.  The Digestive Blend is designed to improve digestion and increase the absorption of nutrients from your pet’s diet, and thereby eliminate any disorders caused by nutrient deficiency.

Digestion is aided through supplementation with the natural digestive enzymes lipase, protease and amylase.  These enzymes, produced endogenously by the pancreas and intestinal microbes, hydrolyze fats, proteins and carbohydrates, respectively.  Food nutrients are converted into their biologically vital constituents, available for absorption.  This enzymatic boost to digestion allows the animal to digest and absorb more nutrients from the same amount of feed.  Systems and processes such as immunity, growth, reproductive success and fertility cannot help but be positively influenced by increased nutrient availability.

The cell walls of the nutrient-rich endosperm of corn and cereals used as feed contain primarily complex carbohydrates, such as B-glucans and arabinoxylans, which cannot be digested by the gut of monogastric species.  The reduced exposure of vital feed nutrients to intestinal digestion effectively reduces the economic value of feed.

Supplementation with the enzymes b-glucanase, contained in this digestive blend, results in the hydrolysis of the indigestible endosperm walls.  The valuable nutrients contained in the endosperm are thus exposed to the digestive processes of the gut and are available for utilization by the animal.  This increased nutrient availability has been shown in a number of controlled field trials to increase both growth and feed conversion rates in pigs.

The Digestive Formula also contains a rich source of nucleotides.  These building blocks of DNA and RNA are essential to the metabolic processes of all living cells, and intestinal microbes require nucleotides for rapid growth and proliferation.  Supplemental addition of nucleotides to feed has been shown to increase growth, immunity, reproductive success and productivity.

SynermuneTM Colostrum has documented benefits to the small intestine.  The colostrum improves the integrity of the cellular structure of the villi which means an increase in the uptake of dietary components.  The IgA immunoglobulins present in this fraction bind and remove pathogenic bacterial which endanger the structure of the small intestine.

The herbal blend was selected for known effects on the digestive system.  Digestive stimulants such as ginger have been document in their efficacy.  Included are herbs or herbal extracts such as papain, bromelain and thistle which either contain proteases and/or substances that stimulate the production of gastric secretions.  Nettle, is known to stimulate smooth muscle in the GI tract.

Digestive Blend is designed to improve digestion and increase the absorption of nutrients from your pet’s diet, thereby eliminating any disorders caused by nutrient deficiency.

Most digestive formulae available in the market are completely comprised of digestive enzymes. Digestive Blend, a unique, multi-tiered system, contains a powerful blend of enzymes that help in the digestion of food and assimilation of nutrients. It also contains several other ingredients designed to increase the digestive capability of your pet, including a blend of herbs that are noted for their ability to stimulate gastric secretions, and a variety of other components designed to support the growth of the natural commensal bacteria of the gastrointestinal tract.

These natural ingredients also serve as a source of natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes, carbohydrates, nucleotides, protein, chlorophyll and fibre.

Digestive Blend also contains Synermune colostrums, a rich source of Epidermal Growth Factor that activates the growth and differentiation of the cells lining the intestinal walls, thus increasing the absorption capacity of the small intestine.

For best results, this product should be taken with Natural Daily Multiple. It provides essential nutrients for your pet during periods of poor assimilation of nutrients from foods.

Pancreatin 8X, fennel seed, SynermuneTM Colostrum, alfalfa, stevia leaf, fenugreek seed, rosehips, nettle, milk thistle, dandelion root, papaya leaf, ginger root, blessed thistle, stabilized yeast extract, beta-glucanase, bromelain, papain.

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