All Pet Purrfection Inc. – Immune Maintenance

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All Pet Purrfection Inc. – Immune Maintenance – 60 caps

Unlike many pharmaceuticals, All Pet Purrfection’s supplements are formulated with high quality natural extracts designed to maximise efficacy and minimise side effects often associated with today’s chemical supplementation.

The growing recognition of both preventive and therapeutic values of natural dietary ingredients in family medicine is now available in veterinary medicine. Many pet health conditions, particularly those associated with aging, injury or disease, can often be greatly improved and optimal health may be achieved with a properly supplemented diet.

All our ingredients are purchased from reputable source. We mix, encapsulate and bottle these formulae in our own facility under very strict food safety and quality regulations. We also have the final product tested at an independent laboratory for active ingredients prior to shipment to our Clients.

Like humans, 80% to 90% of a pet’s infection begins at the gastrointestinal tract, Immune Maintenance Formula is designed with your pet’s health in mind, especially those whose systems have been compromised by stress, nutritional deficiency, etc.

All natural ingredients selected from years of research are included in this powerful formula.

Synermune colostrum contains immunoglobulins and iron-sequestering lactoferrin, both of which can offer support in preventing infection. Smaller molecules in Synermune colostrum such as certain cytokines can aid in stimulating intracellular communication, chemotaxis, antibody production and a host of other factors.

Ingredients :
Synermune bovine colostrums, phytosterol (beta sitosterol), astragalus root (PE 4:1), rose hips (PE 4:1), odourless garlic (PE5:1)

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