All Pet Purrfection Inc. – Natural Daily Multiple Formula

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All Pet Purrfection Inc. – Natural Daily Multiple Formula – 60 caps

Unlike many pharmaceuticals, All Pet Purrfection’s supplements are formulated with high quality natural extracts designed to maximise efficacy and minimise side effects often associated with today’s chemical supplementation.

The growing recognition of both preventive and therapeutic values of natural dietary ingredients in family medicine is now available in veterinary medicine. Many pet health conditions, particularly those associated with aging, injury or disease, can often be greatly improved and optimal health may be achieved with a properly supplemented diet.

All our ingredients are purchased from reputable source. We mix, encapsulate and bottle these formulae in our own facility under very strict food safety and quality regulations. We also have the final product tested at an independent laboratory for active ingredients prior to shipment to our Clients.

Simply put, this product is designed to nutritionally provide a wide range of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and essential fatty acids in a concentrated form. The advantages are simply that it delivers more than traditional “one-a-day” type of products in that the nutrition is in organic form rather than synthetic or inorganic.

This formula is a carefully balanced blend of nutrient dense, super green foods, standardized herbal extract, and essential fatty acids designed to balance the quality of a pet’s diet. It is packed with the natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and healthy herbs that an animal requires to ensure its physiological and cellular mechanisms are working optimally – the definition of optimal health.

Recent research in orthomolecular medicine suggests that animals can absorb nutrients found in their natural state far easier and more efficiently than synthetically made vitamins and minerals. This affirms that pets take in a complete blend of vitamins, minerals and nutrients most effectively through this Natural Daily Multiple Formula – a natural source of nutrients.

Natural Daily Multiple Formula is a carefully balanced blend of nutrient-dense super green foods, standardised herbal extracts and essential fatty acids. It is packed with the natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and healthy herbs that your animal deserves.

Hawaiian Spirulina, Alfalfa juice concentrate, Wheat Grass powder, Barley Grass powder, Carrot powder, Barley Malt powder, Broccoli powder, Brown Rice bran, Apple fibre, Apple pectin, Oat bran, Chlorella powder, Red Beet powder, Panax Ginseng root, Siberian Ginseng root, Peppermint powder, Green Tea extract, Royal Jelly powder, Fructo oligo saccharides, Trace Mineral concentrate, Milk Thistle extract, Kelp powder, Ginkgo Biloba extract, Grapeseed extract, Bilberry extract, Protease, Amylase, Lipase, Cellulase, Lactase, Bromelain, Conenzyme Q10, Stevia extract, Alphalac, Apple powder, Borage Oil powder, Cranberry powder, Natural Flavors.

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