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Choosing good quality pet food

With the miriad of brands out there, how do you choose good quality pet food?

Consider your pet’s age and personality when choosing between dry, wet or raw food. Are you buying the food for your senior dog with bad teeth or for your spayed cat who is exclusively indoor? All of these conditions need to be taken into account when choosing food for your fur baby.

Once you decide what type of food to get, the most important part is to check the ingredients label. Does the food contain any additives? Does it contain grains? Is the balance of proteins enough for your pet’s lifestyle? Is the food suitable for your pet’s health condition? Is your pet overweight? If your pet has a health condition, consult your vet to see if you need to get them on a special diet. If your pet is healthy, you will do well to choose brands that contain less fillers and more nutritional ingredients.

Paw Family has a wide choise of good quality pet food. Apart from dry food and canned/wet food, we also offer frozen raw food for both dogs and cats.

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