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Choosing the right cat toy

When choosing a toy for your cat, take into account your cat’s personality, living arrangements and age.

If a cat is solitary and has no other cat friends at home, toys will play an important role in keeping her entertained and stimulated. A bored cat is a recipe for trouble, as cats will get into various kinds of mischief when bored. Furniture scratching is the most notable behavioral sign that your cat might not be getting enough attention and entertainment. For a solitary cat, especially one who stays indoors, choose toys which engage their natural predatory insticts. Laser pointer lights are especially effective in catching a cat’s attention and allowing her some necessary exercise by letting her chase the laser pointer.

Various haging toys on sticks are also a great option, though your cat will get less exercise compared to chasing the laser pointer. Nevertheless, as any cat owner knows, one toy is never enough so apart from the laser pointer get your feline friend some haging toys or little balls to chase around the house. Event better if the toys are filled with catnip.

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