Nova Ear Care New Triple Aciton

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Nova Ear Care


Nova Ear Care New Triple Aciton

Triple action with enhanced tea tree oil, neem and chlorhexidine

For :

– Easy removal of ear stain & debris

– Relieves itching

– Kills bacteria & fungus

– Eradicates ear mites

– Treats otits externa & recurring ear problems

Why use Nova Ear Care ?

Excessive amount of hardened ear stain and debris can encourage growth of bacteria, fungus and ear mites.

This causes earache, allergy, inflammation and odour, Instil the ear with Nova Ear Care as required and massage gently the base of the ear.

Used regularly, Nova Ear Care will effectively treat and prevent these common ear conditions. This new improved formula is exceptionally effective for problematic, chronic and recurring common ear conditions, that are not solved by all other brands. Do not use if eardrum damage is present or suspected. Always apply after swimming.

For veterinary use on dogs, cats and other furry pets.

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