Oxbow Natural Science – Joint Supplement 60ct

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Joint Supplement for Small Animals

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Oxbow Natural Science – Joint Supplement

Natural Science Joint Support is a high-fiber supplement containing various beneficial ingredients to support the overall joint health of your pet. Glucosamine aids in the prevention of cartilage degeneration, and turmeric and yucca exhibit anti-inflammatory properties.

✓ For pets advancing in age, diagnosed with arthritis, or those with a history of other
musculoskeletal issues such as stiffness or decreased mobility

Why Supplements?
Pets are living longer lives thanks to proper nutrition and care, and more pet owners are taking their small pets to the vet than ever before.  The most common ailments vets see with small animals are related to digestive, urinary, joint, and skin and coat issues.  As these pets age, vets also see more chronic, recurring health issues that need support.


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