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Wellness Complete Health Salmon

Complete Health – Salmon, Salmon Meal & Deboned Turkey Recipe is a well-rounded, everyday diet of meats, grains and fruits with a focus on the nutrition that cats need to stay fit and healthy when they have a moderate activity level and an indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

Holistic Nutrition for your Healthy Adult Cat

Urinary Health System

A focus on Urinary Tract Health with:

Ideal Urine pH
– Stones will not form in urine that is that is neither too acidic or too alkaline.
– Data showing low Standard Error of Mean and therefore extremely accurate results

Controlled Ash & Mineral (Ca, Mg) levels
– Help prevent urinary calcium and/or magnesium stones from forming
– Low mineral levels without the use of corn or corn gluten

Natural Cranberry Power
– Natural urine acidifiers and bacteria fighters with 3 distinct sources of cranberries

Muscular Health
-Increased protein
-Only animal protein sources
-Complete amino acid profile

Skin & Coat Health
-Improved fat source for carnivores supplying essential fatty acid, arachidonic acid
-Optimal Fatty Acid ratio

Weight Maintenance
-Ideal balance of calories between protein and fat helps maintain ideal body weight

More Nutrition from Every Kibble
-Excellent digestibility scores

A 5-star rated formula on!


Made in the USA

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