Wellness Core Puppy


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Wellness Core Puppy

Grain-Free, Protein-Focused Nutrition for Puppies

*Optimal Calories for Growth in Smaller Kibble Size
*Probiotics to Help Maintain a Healthy Digestive Tract
*Salmon Oil, a Natural Source of DHA, helps support cognitive development
*Omega 3 Fatty Acids to Help Maintain Skin & Coat Health
*Guaranteed Calcium & Phosphorus Levels to Help Support Healthy Development of Bones and Teeth
*Antioxidant Rich Formula to Support a Strong Immune System
*Made with Naturally Gluten-Free Ingredients
*Complete and Balanced for Everyday Feeding

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What is Protein-Focused Nutrition?

The essence of the raw feeding philosophy is nutrient-rich, high-quality meat – and lots of it.

That’s the same philosophy behind Wellness CORE® This unique, grain-free recipe also supports and nurtures your pet’s inside…their essence…their core.

To create a protein-focused diet the Wellness Way, we carefully control the quality and quantity of the ingredients we use, and pay close attention to the individual properties of each inclusion. From source to bowl, we make no exceptions!

If you are looking for a food with more meat and no grains, CORE is truly a more thoughtful alternative. This diet delivers the meat content you’re looking for, while creating a balanced profile of real-foods appropriate for everyday feeding.

Supporting your pet’s inner wellbeing.

Why is CORE® different?

In a word… balance. When you add more meat to your pet’s daily feeding program, you also add more protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus and calories. And since daily health requires a delicate nutritional equation, these levels must be managed to create balance, not excess-especially when fed everyday as the sole source of your pet’s nutrition.

Considering your animal’s whole health, we have created CORE® with the meat content you’re looking for but without the excess nutrient levels your pet does not need. CORE® provides incredibly flavorful, protein-focused nutrition the Wellness Way with nothing in excess and everything in balance.

We are proud to add this choice to the Wellness line of natural food for pets. This diet supports our continued belief that thoughtfully balanced natural nutrition is the foundation of wellbeing, happiness and longevity we want for all of our family members, including our animals.

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