Schesir Cat – Tuna with Quinoa in Jelly 85g


Cat Canned Food

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Schesir Cat – Tuna with Quinoa in Jelly

Schesir canned food originate from Italy.  They are made with no preservative contents, no coloring and additivies. Made from human grade ingredients of the highest quality. No colorings and preservatives.

What is Quinoa?
Commonly mistaken as a cereal, it is a seed. Thus food made with quinoa is said to be Grain Free and Gluten Free. This low in fat seed brings more fiber, it is usually taken as an alternative to rice to rebalance the protein and fiber contribution, using always a vegetable,

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Tuna 51%
Quinoa 4.1%

protein 12%
crude oils and fats 0.8%
crude fibres 0.5%
crude ash 1%
moisture 85%
70.4 kcal/100 g

Vit. A 1325 U.I.
Vit. E 15 mg
Taurine 160 mg


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