Wellness Kittles – Tuna & Cranberries Recipe 2oz

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Cat Treats

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Wellness Kittles – Tuna & Cranberries Recipe

Tasty, Crunchy Cat Treats/span>
No Meat By-Products
Fun shapes!
No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Preservatives

Who says dogs have all the fun? Indulge your cat with Kittles™ natural, grain-free treats. Kittles™ are crunchy cat treats that come in 6 scrumptious flavors, help to clean their teeth as much as giving them the delicious treats. With only 2 calories per treat, pet parents can treat their loved ones multiples times per day with these guilt-free goodies.

Letting your cat indulge in the natural and grain-free crunchy cat treats of Wellness Kittles.

High Quality protein from salmon
Crunchy to support clean teeth
100% Grain Free

Key Ingredients:
Tuna: high quality fish protein source
Salmon Oil: high in Omega3 fatty acids for a healthy coat
Cranberries: helps prevent harmful bacteria from thriving in the urinary tract

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