K9 Natural Freezed Dried Puppy 1.8kg

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Freeze-Dried Dog Food

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K9 Natural Freezed Dried Puppy

Inspired with the best blend of natural nutrition for your pet. Every pack is full of nutritional wholefood ingredients, every nourishing proteins, fats to help the puppy grow into complete health and development.

K9 Natural Puppy is Grain-Free and 100% Complete & Balanced containing the rich-nutrient protein of our New Zealand Grass-Fed Beef with Sustainably Fished Fresh Hoki Oil that supports and benefits the growth and development of a puppy of any breed or size.

Features of K9 Natural Puppy:
DHA & EPA – supporting healthy brain and eye development
Guaranteed levels of calcium and phosphorus in every bag that supports a puppies strong teeth and bone development
Premium quality protein for healthy muscle growth
Grain-Free and carbohydrate limited

Combined only with the best ingredients to product the high-meat diet packed with energy and nutrients. To create this Grain Free diet, only sustainable, free-range and grass-fed ingredients are used. Well craved by your pets for its superior taste.

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