Super Absorbent Pet Towel

Pet Towel

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Super Absorbent Pet Towel

Measurement: 66cm(L) * 43cm(W) * 0.2(Thickness)


– Top choice for pet groomers

– Made of high absorbent and soft PVA chamois material

– Absorb 10 times its weight in liquid

– Use half the time in drying pets by soaking up the water from the animals fur

– Re-usable, durable, and machine-washable

– Adds sheen to animals fur after usage


Please wash the towel before the first usage. Whenever the towel dries up and becomes hard,  soak it in water to soften before use.


Please store the clean towel slightly wet in the case supplies to keep the moisture within the product.

Available in assorted colours.


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