Shoe (Milk) 2.5″


Rawhide / Dental Chew

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Shoe (Milk)

Good as a cleaning tool for your dog’s teeth

Why is there a need to chew?
Satisfy the natural instinct of your dog to chew
Chewing is a stimulant and stress and anxiety relief for the dogs.

Benefits of Chewing
Regardless puppies or adult dogs, even seniors have a need to chew to keep the jaw strong, to keep the dog’s teeth clean and definitely a fresher breath. Chewing on dental chews help to remove plaque and tartar from their teeth.

Available in different shapes and sizes
Shoes, Balls, Knots, Twist Stix


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Made of inner layer of cow hide which is cleaned and treated to be chewable dog treats with various shapes and sizes. Flavors like natural, beef, chicken, liver, milk and mint are added to to entice dogs to chew on to this rawhide.


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