Oxbow Natural Science – Vitamin C 60ct

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Supplement for Small Animals

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Oxbow Natural Science – Vitamin C

Natural Science Vitamin C supplement is a hay-based, high-fiber supplement containing the essential stabilized Vitamin C that guinea pigs require in their daily dietary need. In addition, Vitamin C will greatly benefit other small animals during times of stress, illness or recovery.

Feeding a tablet guarantees that pets receive the entire stabilized and optimal amount of Vitamin C potency, necessary for optimum health while providing pet owners a more effective and convenient way of tracking their feeding dosage.

✓ Supports overall well-being and wound-healing
✓ Has both immune enhancing and antioxidant properties

Helps with:
– Preventing hair and teeth loss
– Joint swelling and bleeding disorders

Guaranteed Intake
Feeding a tablet guarantees that pets receive the entire guaranteed amount of the supplement necessary for optimum health. Supplements lose their potency when added to water. Animals may refuse or reduce the amount of water due to the taste of a water soluble supplement, which may lead to other health problems as well. Feeding a tablet, on the other hand, lets pet owners take the guesswork out of supplements.


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