Vetark Pro-C Probiotic

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Pro- and Pre-biotic for small animals

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Vetark Pro-C Probiotic

– Veterinary formulated complete probiotic & prebiotic (soluble fibre) , blend enhanced with electrolytes and vitamins
– Contains probiotic, high levels of vitamin C and added chlorophyll, a natural detoxifier.
– High palatability
– Water soluble – can be added to the drinking water

It is to help to maintain the appropriate conditions which favour the animals’s own bacteria, thus helping when the animal encounters conditions which might disturb this balance (such as stress).

Part of the effect of probiotics is to flood the gut with non-pathogenic bacteria which are at home in the situation and have it produce acidic conditions which are inhospitable to unwanted E.coli etc.

The ingredients of ProC helps to create and maintain the slightly acidic conditions in the gut which are required to provide the correct background for the animals own flora to re-stablise.

Who does this benefit?
Especially for small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and all pets who:

– are undergoing stress due to illness, changing homes, breeding, and veterinary treatment.
– have relatively high metabolic rate and may be kept at warm and humid temperatures. These factors tend to make the animals suffer from stress easily, often becoming dehydrated.
– support general health of older animals in particular.

How often to feed Probiotic?
It should be set as a routine.

How to use?
For general use, dissolve 1 scoop per 200ml of drinking water.
Pro-C Probiotic can also be sprinkled on food.

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