Chitocure Whitening Shampoo

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Shampoo for Dogs and Cats

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Chitocure Whitening Shampoo

Whiten and Shine !

Chitocure’s line of pet care products are enriched using the natural extract – Chitosan

Chitosan is ……

– All Natural

– Hypoallergenic & A Natural Antibacterial

– Absorbs Body Oils & Odor

– Anti-Static & Prevents Tangling

– Binds to dirt to wash away and clean

Chitocure Whitening Shampoo specially formulated to enhance a white coat’s natural lustre, removes yellow and brassy tones without bleaching.

The rich and foamy shampoo has a neutral pH and an anti-static agent to help prevent matting and tangling.


Chitosan, Chitin, Coconut Oil, Olive Leaf Extract, Water

Available in 420ml & 800ml

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